Past Events


9/25 Essay called “Self Defense” published by Eckleburg:

10/24 Essay called “Hot AF: Things I Learned When the AC Broke in My Car” by Robot Butt:

11/1 Pure Products Reading, Monarch Espresso Bar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 7PM

11/2 Book Release Date! My Life With(out) Ranch from 50/50 Press now available on Amazon!

11/15 Book Launch Party at Druid City Brewing Company, Tuscaloosa, AL 6PM…FREE FOOD!


5/31 Reading at Spalding Homecoming in Louisville, KY

6/15 Call My Name, a poetry chapbook by Heather Wyatt from The Poetry Box release date

10/7 Reading at Florence Public Library in Florence, AL 5:30-6:30PM. Free and open to the public!


1/31 Essay called “I Didn’t Kill My Boyfriend Today” published in The Syndrome Mag.

2/18 Reading Jefferson State Community College – Center Point Campus – 2601 Carson Road – 11:30-12:30

3/4-3/7 AWP! I was at the Spalding University Table! I presented on a panel about Narrative Poetry on Friday, 3/6 at 9AM. Location: Room 210A, Henry B. González Convention Center, Meeting Room Level